3 Major SEO Tips For Faster Web Crawling

One of the major factors that you have to consider when you’re working with SEO at any level is the rate at which your site is crawled. You could find this information out by doing a variety of things, including getting proper analytics installed on the backend of your page. Without even the most basic of analytics, you will not be able to gauge whether or not your page is getting crawled correctly or even if it’s gaining in traffic. It’s with that in mind that you should definitely have a look at the metrics that are being used to create your search engine optimization strategy. If you don’t know any of this information, then perhaps you should hire a SEO firm that will help you with this process. Without knowing the crawl rate, or at least where the traffic is coming from and whether or not you have a high bounce rate, your efforts in gaining traffic will get stifled.

In regards to traffic generation, there are 3 major SEO tips that you should consider when you’re trying to get a bit of a boost in your rankings. Crawl rates matter, and invigorating them can be as simple as going through the following 3 steps every time you update your site, or even blog.

Step #1: Link Your Updates/Articles To Social Media

seo-valueIf you aren’t already using the social media websites that are out there today, it’s time to join them. Make sure that you fill out the profile information on each site correctly, and focus on making friends on the pages before you start throwing your link around. Too often, businesses will jump on social networks and start to post links straightway and that’s a problem. If you get marked as a “spammer” you will not only cripple your ranking, but you will lose out on what some analysts are calling a “captive audience”. Once you’re set up and have a small following, link your updates keeping the full URL in tack. Don’t overdo it here, do this every now and again and watch your crawl rates.

Step #2: Upload A Video To YouTube

You may not have any videos, but that’s ok. You could either upload a public domain video that is related to your industry or you could make a quick one with your phone or laptop. Think about what you want to say and what message you want to convey to the internet, or just find a relevant public domain work that will illustrate what you want to state with your company, brand, or ideas. Once you find something or record it, upload it to YouTube and fill out the information forms. In the forms write relevant information about the video, then add your URL and correct keywords within the proper areas. This may not generate more than a few hundred views, but within 24 hours your video will have powerful SEO pushes and help you get noticed over time.

Step #3: Ping Wisely

Pinging is nothing new. Bloggers use it all the time when updating their page. This is simply a message that tells search platforms that you’ve updated your site. That dispatches the crawlers and you get linked moving forward. This may seem like a simple thing, and it is, but you need to be very wise about this. When discussing SEO tactics, some people frown on pinging too often and some discuss how it could actually hurt your traffic. To make sure you comply with the best practices, you need to ensure that you find a good site to ping and then use their services sparingly. This will ensure that you get a bit of a push here and there, and not just desperation announcements.

3 Misconceptions Pertaining To SEO Services

There are misconceptions about everything in life. Whether it’s based on truth or not, there are an endless amount of conspiracy theories, and random thoughts on just about every subject. The world of internet marketing, and information technology is no different. You will find that there are a plethora of issues that revolve around these locales. Misconceptions that reign can be way off course, while others can be quite close to the truth. There are 3 misconceptions that seem to rise up in regards to SEO services. That’s right, when you go to hire a professional company, or you work on real optimization strategies you will find that the rumors and misnomers rise up a great deal.

Pages can Index Overnight

SEO ServicesThis is really a half-truth. For blogs the craze used to be pinging. If you could ping all the search engines to tell them that you posted new content, you would get indexed faster. The truth is that no one knows how long it takes to truly get indexed at a high spot in the search results. Some swear by social networking, others swear by adding backlinks to particular areas of their site, and in the end, there’s no real method that works overall. In rare instances, yes, pages can index overnight and even within less than 12 hours but will they provide the results that you expect them to? No. It will take time to get visitors and while it is gradual, it is not overnight.

SEO Solves All Advertising Needs

If you’re going to hire any professional company to provide you with SEO services, you should know that you may still need to advertise. There’s so much competition in regards to this type of strategy that you may need to do more in terms of gaining market share. Some companies have to look into PPC ads, for instance. This is not a long term solution, but it’s definitely one that will take precedent when you’re trying to resolve issues associated with seo. In the past, people would assume that you just needed to put your business in the yellow pages, you would get a lot of business. The same thing happens with seo, as it can seem like you’re going to get a lot of attention, but it takes time, and in some cases it just doesn’t happen the way you’d like it to.

SEO Can Be Done In An Hour

Some people have passed on hiring SEO services because they assume it’s all done during the web design process. Sure, there are some designers that work with this type of framework, but truth be told, you need to do more than have code in the right place. Search engine optimization requires a lot of work, and it can put a company into full time work for several months. After months of work on your page, and building proper links, you could get marginal results. This is really a long term solution, one that is not going to happen in one day, or even one hour. If any company says that they can implement all of this in a short span of time, they’re straight out lying.

The above 3 misconceptions are just a handful of things that are believed about the world of search engine optimization. Because the words can mean a lot of different things, people assume all sorts of ideas about the world of internet marketing. Whether you like it or not, getting professional help will be the best solution to navigate all of these things. However, you will need to be wise as to whom you hire. If you have the wrong person working on these things, you could lose market share, or even damage your reputation overall.